How can we help you?

Green Flash Marketing is here and ready to help you grow your business with direct response marketing and professional copywriting services.

Marketing Strategy Consultation

Taking the time to clearly define your market, your message, and your marketing goals will save you thousands in marketing costs over time. Our approach to working with our clients is to always ensure that the content written and the media used are working to serve you and your business best.

Have a great marketing strategy in place? Great! We’ll make sure we understand it and will work within your framework. And pass along any great ideas we have during the project, of course!

Don’t have a marketing strategy yet? That’s OK – we can work with you to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that will support your business goals.

Copywriting Services

Green Flash Marketing can assist you with both online and offline (print) copywriting needs.

Online services

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Website Content - including landing pages, sales pages…more
• Whitepapers/Free Reports/Case Studies/EBooks
• Video Scripts
• Email copy – Autoresponders, Sales emails, Client nurture
• ENewsletters
• Blogs
• Social Media Set up
• Social Media Management
• Mobile Media content
• PPC/Online Ads

Offline/Print Services

• Direct Mail Packages
• Speech Writing
• Print Newsletters
• Print Articles
• Whitepapers/Free Reports/Case Studies
• Print Ads or Advertorials
• Corporate Communications


Many articles, eBooks and standard books are ghostwritten. That is, the credited author has paid someone to write on their behalf.

Need the credibility of being an author but don’t have the time (or desire) to write? Our ghostwriting service is the answer. Contact us for more information.

Editing/Critique Services

Have the copy but want it reviewed or polished? Our editing and critique services can add that extra punch to your copy.

Project Management

Way too busy to oversee all the bits and pieces of your marketing initiative? We can manage the project, coordinating writers, graphic artists, and other talent. We’ll keep you informed throughout the process but remove the burden of day to day management.

Business Consultation

A very limited number of business consultations are available for those wanting a more comprehensive analysis of their business and opportunities for improvement.

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