Communication as Mesmerizing as a Tropical Sunset...

There may be lots of fish in the sea but that doesn’t mean you want your best prospects and customers swimming away!

Now more than ever, you must get noticed and engage your prospects quickly. At Green Flash Marketing, our focus is making your message stand out so you can grow and be more profitable.

And while we bring a fresh approach…we never sacrifice proven marketing strategies. The only award that counts is more business for you!

Your marketing message will always be built around these basic truths:

Marketing must build relationships. People buy from people. Even if you are marketing B2B, a person will make the decision to buy – or not to buy – from you based on the message they see.

Your message must be consistent with your brand and image. From online content to print media to video scripts, your marketing must send a consistent message to your prospects and clients. This is the first step of establishing trust – that you are who you say you are.

Every piece of copy must have a purpose. Before writing the first word of copy, we will talk with you to clearly define the results you want to achieve and help you determine the proper message and media to reach your market.

Always have a call to action. Every marketing message, regardless of media, should invite, coax, and inspire the prospect or customer to take the next step. And it should very clearly indicate how to take that next step.
All of your marketing should work together. As part of the diagnostic process, we will ensure that all the moving parts fit together and propel you toward your goals.

Above all – results rule. Be it search engine optimization (SEO), motivating online content, autoresponders, social media or an engaging video script…all must move the prospect or customer down the revenue pipeline.
Green Flash Marketing is uniquely positioned in the following markets:

Information Marketers – publishers, self-help, business coaches and more

Insurance – Carriers, agents, reinsurers, RRG’s, and associations

Christian and Conservative Political – PAC’s, campaigns, and fundraising

SCUBA industry – Dive shops, resorts, dive travel, manufacturers

As time allows, we do work with other high quality clients. Contact us here to see if we can help your business.

Is Green Flash Marketing the right copywriter for you? The answer is YES if you want:

A marketing strategist that understands your business and has the ability to look at the big picture and bring synergy to your marketing initiatives.

• Someone who speaks the language of your customers and prospects. With real world street-level experience in our core markets, you can be assured that all copy will connect with your prospects by using their language appropriately. (Nothing is more annoying than reading something written by an obvious outsider!)

• Professionalism – we put the emotion into the copy, not into our working relationship. Deadlines will be met and clear, defined expectations set before starting the project.

Clear, solid, persuasive copy focused on results. If all you want is a brochure to pass out if people ask for it, we’re probably not the copywriters for you.

Someone who takes your business seriously…and is fun to work with. Working together to build your business should be enjoyable – we’ll do all we can to make your interactions with us a pleasant experience.

Someone to partner with you and support your commitment to long term growth and profitability. If you’re just out to grab as much money as possible without providing any value to your customers we’re not a match for you. Really…we get too invested in the success of our clients to work with anyone who isn’t committed to being world class.

Ready to make some money? Contact us now and we can get started!

*The Dan Kennedy Copywriter for Info-Marketers Certification is awarded to professional copywriters who have successfully completed a course of study of preparation for such copywriting.